We recognize that the maintenance of the global environment is one of the most important problems of "MANAGEMENT FOR SYMBIOSIS SOCIETY" and act in consideration for the environmental maintenance with every aspect of the company activity.


We make value of following 3 points for protecting the earth environment for long future.

HYPOXIATION : to avoid global warming on all fields
For prevention of global warming, we work on the low carbon at each stage of the life cycle as well as the operation including product development and production.
3R(REDUCE / REUSE / RECYCLE): to avoid total load
We push forward 3R (REDUCING, REUSE, RECYCLING) from raw materials procurement to the disposal and recycling for the effective utilization of a certain limit resource effectively and for environmental load reduction.
SYMBIOSIS : to maintain nature environment
While considering biological diversity at stages such as development and production, we work on the activity for maintenance of creatures which bring up blessings of nature and the environment of bringing up blessings of nature.

ENVIRONMENTAL AIM AND PROGRESS is here.   (only in Japanese)