Technical internship student

NAME Shu Yue
HOMETOWN Tieling City, Liaoning, China
TRAINING PERIOD January 2013 ~ January 2016
DEPARTMENT WEAVING FACTORY / Operation of the weaving machine, quality inspection and yarn feeding
I was able to learn about weaving cloth in various ways for these three years. Every Japanese employee instructed us carefully kindly. They coped with our any demand as much as possible, so I was satisfied very much.
The place where I lived in for three years was a good environmental dormitory. Japan was very livable and, including a climate, felt the Japanese manners fantastically. I think that there is a lot of learning from Japan.
I sometimes felt that work is hard for these three years, but became not to easily give it up and tirelessly. I felt that the training in NOTOKINU was very happy and was the place where myself could grow up. I really appreciate what they've done.
It is sometimes fun for three years in Japan or work is hard and you may want to sometimes return to China. However, believe that you can certainly do your best. In addition, please enjoy life in Japan with all your might. Surely, three years later, you will feel that it was good to come to Japan. Everybody, please do your best.

Voice of employee

NAME Hiromi Honma
June 2004
DEPARTMENT Inspection, Packing, Inventory control of the product.
MY GOALS My goals are early detection and prevention of a defect while cooperate with production site, so that Matsuda and others in sales sell our product with confidence in quality.
PRIVATE Watch DVD and arrangement with DAN-SHA-RI spirit

NAME Naoya Matsuda
March 2011
DEPARTMENT SALES DEPARTMENT / To respond to our customer’s request quickly and surely, I always contact them and perform production adjustment, new product development and quality correspondence in accordance with their demand. On the other hand, I have a meeting with our plant very thoroughly for production planning, raw yarn arrangement and quality control.
MY GOALS Keep high operation rate in the plant, Adjust and minimize of the stock
PRIVATE Mainly practice of Golf for maintaining health

NAME Motoki Gouroku
March 2009
DEPARTMENT PREPARING PLANT / My workplace NOTO SANGYO is generally called "Preparing Plant". The process here is to attach paste and oil to the warp threads for prevention of fluffing and cutting, and take them up to a large metal bobbin called "Beam" as designed. I am in charge of overall management of the plant.
MY GOALS It’s said that most of quality of the textile depends on the warping quality. That’s the reason why our improvement is always demanded. My aim is to give instructions to employees exactly and clearly and to achieve the communication and cooperation between employees.
PRIVATE Stay with family, DIY